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Bird Prevention

Our team of experienced technicians conducts proactive site assessments in order to provide you with effective bird prevention and control services. We have experience working with a variety of bird species native to Southern Ontario. Birds commonly nest in rooftops, soffits, dormers, uncapped ventilation units and any other crevices in your home or building. Nesting as early as April - bird infestations can not only result in property damage, but they can also bring about a variety of sanitary issues and health risks. We recommend keeping your eye and ear out for warning signs of nesting and unusual bird activity on your property and in your home - especially in the springtime.

If bird activity persists, or you suspect nesting - our team will work with you to provide custom bird prevention programs including the safe removal of birds and nests, bird-proofing to prevent further infestation, and making your property unattractive to bird species using industry-leading techniques and products.

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