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If a carpenter ant colony has moved into your building, this will be the month you will find out about it. The evidence could be one or more of live ants in the building, sawdust/debris falling or chewing sounds in the walls/ceiling. The live ants potentially could be anywhere in your building, but the kitchen is usually where they are found. This is always the best source for food and water, and the ants know that. Sawdust or debris falling is when the ants are burrowing into either wood of the structure, or they could be in spray foam insulation, or styrofoam. Common areas to see this are usually window/door frames, beams as well as tongue and groove ceilings. Tunnels are created (called galleries) and this is where the colony will continue to expand and grow. It’s important to have this looked after as soon as you notice any evidence of a colony developing. Although it’s extremely unlikely there is any structural damage happening, this problem will not go away if left untreated. If you’re on our preventative maintenance program, we will be spraying your place again this month.

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