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Size: 6-7cm (little brown) 10-12cm (big brown)

Colour: brown/black

There are two types of bats in southern Ontario that may be a problem for you, the big and little brown bat. Infestations commonly occur in areas such as attics or under siding. They are most noticeable and active from spring until the fall when insect populations are at their highest. In cooler months the bats will remain dormant or migrate to caves. A typical service is to do a full exclusion job to all areas. In Ontario bats are protected and it is illegal to kill them. To allow the bats an escape route, we install exit only doors during exclusion work. Approximately one week later a follow up will be scheduled to ensure all bats have vacated. The doors are then removed and the final sealing is completed. Due to breeding during mid summer months it is best to do this type of work in the spring or the fall.

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