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Size: 5mm (full grown adult)
Colour: light brown/reddish

Every year, the number of reported cases of bedbugs increases in Ontario. Although the majority of these problems are around metropolises such as Toronto, cases are steadily increasing in the Muskokas. Bedbugs and their evidence can usually be noticed on beds, bed frames and headboards. In more advanced infestations they can be found on night stands, dressers, picture frames, curtains, baseboards, light fixtures, couches, tables, and a variety of chairs. As they only feed on one item (human blood) and are attracted by carbon dioxide emissions, they are going to be very close to you.

Treatments for bedbugs are always done in two services, the second service being done two weeks after the initial. The treatments include a variety of techniques such as vacuuming, steaming cleaning as well as traditional methods such as spraying and dusting. A detailed prep sheet is sent out prior to service. It is very important to prepare as much as you can. The better the preparation, the better the results.

Bed Bug Preparation

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